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KGM ENGINEERING was co-founded by Tamas Kalenda and Katia Gauthier in 2011. They have worked in the construction industry for nearly 20 years and they bring to KGM the knowledge and experience required in both engineering and management to assist in the overall success of any construction projects.

In the construction industry of today we understand that success is not only a major team effort but also very dependent on design, engineering deliverables, precision, and meeting schedule deadlines. We also believe in design innovation that allows our clients to utilize all of their available resources and experience. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in sharing strength and knowledge with one main goal - "finding the best and most cost-efficient solution". We make business personal.

KGM Engineering has many combined expertise, all related to structural engineering.

  • Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Structural Analysis, Design and Evaluation
  • Construction Engineering and Constructability
  • Geostructural Engineering

"KGM Engineering the bridge between construction and engineering"

KGM Engineering has expanded internationally, certified and operating in Europe and Africa. KGM Europe is located in Budapest, Hungary, providing structural engineering services for bridge engineering, tower engineering and various other specialty projects. KGM Africa is located in Kigali, Rwanda, specializing in the field of renewable energy, geostructural engineering services, slope stability, R&D, community developmentand sustainability.

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  • To provide clients across Canada and worldwide with quality, innovative and efficient structural engineering services for all Construction Industries.
  • To work safely, maintain the highest quality of workmanship, and continuously improve and develop our people to serve and adhere to our core values.
  • To give back and support community developmentand sustainability.


Trust, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence, Respect and Integrity