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As bridge engineers and structural experts, KGM Engineering’s specialty and main focus is to facilitate bridge rehabilitation by always prioritize our designs and solutions to be efficient, cost-effective and schedule responsive. It is our undertaking to provide services with always taken in consideration our client’s ideas, construction concepts and utilize their resources when suitable.

Bridge Engineering

  • New Infrastructure Design & Evaluation
  • Rehabilitation Design and Evaluation
  • Design Built Review and Consultation
  • Inspection, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Constructability Review & Analysis
  • Bridge Rehabilitation Specified Specialties
    • Complex vertical and lateral bridge Jacking Design
    • Complex Jacking Design Consultation
    • Complex Major Jacking Support Design
    • Complex Post Tensioning Design
    • Swing Bridge Jacking & Balancing Procedure
    • Complex Bridge Demolition Design & Consulting
    • Complex Bridge Erection Design & Consulting
    • Complex Demolition Plan/Procedure & Review


KGM Engineering has an expert team, fully knowledgeable in all aspects of Structural Engineering ready to provide precise, high quality solutions based on constructible designs. Services are offered in both Building and Bridge Construction. We take our engineering responsibilities very seriously and expect only the highest standard and quality in our designs and services.

Structural Engineering

  • Structural Load Analysis for Bridges & Buildings
  • Various Types Structural Analysis for Bridges & Buildings
  • Major temporary support Design Bride & Building
  • Structural Inspection, Assessment Bride & Building
  • Structural Design & Restoration Bride & Building
  • Design & Proposal of Structural Reinforcement
  • Steel Reinforcement Design & Proposal
  • Commercial Structural Building Inspection & Assessment
  • Custom Design Building Hydraulic Design & Relocation
  • Custom Home & Log Cabin Structural Designs
  • Custom Design as per Client Vision & Requirements


KGM Engineering understand the growing need of engineering services required during the construction phases. Construction Engineering is more than designing. It’s about having both the construction and structural expertise to facilitate the construction of all structures. Specialist in construction engineering is a distinctive strength and a need in our construction industry, you can’t always solve a problem from a design stand, you need the construction know-how.

Construction Engineering

  • Design and Construction procedure Consultation
  • All required certified construction procedures
  • Temporary Access and Scaffold Design & Inspection
  • Temporary Platform & Suspended Platform Design & Inspection
  • Temporary Anchorage Design for all purpose
  • Deck & Overhang Formwork Design
  • Concrete Rehabilitation including Various Formwork Design
  • Concrete Repair Method Specifications
  • Construction/Working Procedures/ Review & Inspections
  • Safety Procedures and Requirements: Lifeline design, fall arrest design
  • Confined spaces procedure, temporary hoist & rigging design and others
  • Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) Services


KGM Engineering has the combined expertise from geotechnical, structural, and construction disciplines to analyze and provide simple to complex geostructural design solution. Geostructural services is the support solution fixed between earth, water, and structure. Temporary and permanent structural design solution specific to water and earth constraint in both construction phases and final structural stand.

Geostructural Engineering

  • Geotechnical Design & Consultation
    • Slope Stability Analysis
    • Structural Reinforcement Solution
    • Soil Nail and Helical Pile design
    • Custom Berm Design
  • Renewable Energy Design Solution & Consultation
    • Solar Panels Foundation and Structural Design
    • Micro Hydro Plant Foundation and Structural Design
    • Various Other Structural Support Solutions
  • Temporary Structures & Support Design
    • Custom Cofferdam Design, Sheet Pile, Soldier Pile & Lagging Design
    • Custom Shoring & Shoring Design
    • Custom Berm Design
    • Various other custom solution Design
  • Permanent and Temporary Foundation Design
  • Permanent and Temporary Retaining Wall Design


If you have overextended your management team, this is usually only for a short-term duration. KGM Engineering understands the need to limit overhead by providing broken down services that will assist management team short-term. KGM offers the convenience of hiring only what you need for the period needed, even down to specific or custom tasks.

  • Project Management/Project Coordination
  • Update and Maintain Schedule – MS Project, Primavera
  • Cost Control, Production Analysis and Reporting
  • Contract Budget Forecast, Identification of Trouble Areas
  • Extra Work, Deficiency and Claim Documentation Tracking, Reporting and Completion
  • Claim Consultation – Draft Claim, Identification and Breakdown, Final Claim Report
  • SR & ED Claim Consultation, Preparation and Submittal