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KGM Engineering has an amazing team, fully knowledgeable in all aspects of Structural Engineering ready to provide precise, high quality solutions based on constructible designs. Services are offered in both Building and Bridge Construction.

Structural Engineering is all engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures supporting or resting loads. Structural engineering must ensure that all designs satisfy given design criteria, predicated on safety or serviceability and performance. Buildings and Bridges are made to endure massive loads or moving loads as well as changing climate and natural disasters.1
( Wikipedia.org/wiki/Structural engineering)

We offer just that-precision designs, based on well calculated and analysis back up that guarantees safety, serviceability and performance. We have a Team of experienced engineers in Canada and Europe, both knowledgeable in the Canadian, US, and European Standards.

We take our engineering responsibilities very seriously and expect only the highest standard and quality in our designs and services. We always prioritize our designs to be both cost-effective and schedule responsive. Maintaining a project completion within a restricted construction schedule and on budget is essential to any projects success.

Listing of Services:

  • New Infrastructure Design & Evaluation
  • Custom Home Architectural & Structural Designs
  • Overall Structural Analysis of Bridges & Buildings
  • Various Types of Structural Analysis for Bridges & Buildings
  • Bridge & Building Structural Design
  • Bridge & Building Restoration
  • Reinforcement Design & Proposal
  • Structural Building & Bridge Inspection & Assessment
  • Constructability Review & Analysis
  • Swing Bridge Balancing Procedure & Bridge Jacking Design
  • Design Build Review and Consultation
  • Design & Proposal of Structural Reinforcement of Existing Structures
  • Various Types of Post Tensioning Construction Design & Analysis
  • New Concrete & Rehabilitation Design & Proposal
  • Custom Design as per Client Requirements
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation & Design
  • Quality Verification Engineering (QVE) Services
  • Home & Commercial Structural Building Inspection
  • All other services as required, reviewed and approved