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KGM Engineering specializes in hydraulic lifting design specific to bridge jacking needed for concrete restoration, bridge bearing maintenance/replacement, bridge inspection and all other purposes. We also offer building relocation design for heritage restorations and other various superstructure relocation and temporary support design of various types.

Designs including hydraulic lifting technology is utilized in various fields. Designing hydraulic designs is used to operate heavy machinery or to move and lift heavy and large objects. This method is the basic knowledge of using pressure force on a liquid piston to produce enough force to provide lifting or moving of an object. Bridge bearing replacement and concrete rehabilitation is part of any bridge maintenance. Jacking design provides us with the technology to lift a bridge and complete all maintenance to ensure overall bridge safety.

KGM Engineering’s main focus is to facilitate bridge maintenance by providing the best, most efficient and cost effective jacking design available. It is also our mission to provide a design based on our client’s ideas and concepts utilizing their resources. Taking the time with finding the best design or creating a quick fix design that works is what we do. We offer consultation at the time of tender, to discuss the best jacking option and assist with proper estimating based on this same option.

It is important to identify that jacking specifications under the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario requires the bridge jacking designer to have over 5 years experience in this field. KGM Engineering offers over 10 years of engineering experience in both design and field supervision related to bridge jacking.

Listing of Services:

  • Bridge Jacking Design
  • Temporary Jacking Support Design
  • Inspection & QVE Certification
  • Jacking Design Consultation
  • Custom Design in Bridge & Building Hydraulic Lifting & Relocation of Superstructures