Computer Controlled Accuracy Hydraulic System (CCAHS)

Bridge Jacking has become very common and a part of most bridge rehabilitation work. Jacking design includes a hydraulic jacking system that is mostly manually operated, including site measurements supervision and submittals.

KGM Engineering is undertaking major research and investing in developing a new innovative solution by providing a new Computer Controlled Accuracy Hydraulic System design that will provide real time information about wide range of any data requested or programmed such as displacement in any direction, actual lifting forces and hydraulic pressure readings at any location. Programs are designed to show differences in percentages between any system points, graphs or numeric displays and/or printouts of final reports are all to be programmed and chosen by the controller.

This innovative solution was initially being developed for bridge lifting or heavy civil construction projects but is expected to be utilized in any similar type of work, involving hydraulic jacks such as post tensioning, precision moving, etc…

Blast Resistant Wall Design

Though it is not a common idea today to carry out blast resistant designs on our structures, considering where you are located, the significant growth in terrorist attempts indicate that in certain situations we may need to adapt such design techniques. For a proper design, we first acquire the special loading parameters of blast wave-structure interaction, and this is followed by a dynamic design procedure. Our structures can only be designed economically if they undergo significant plastic deformations, which require a high-level engineering approach.
Protection against explosions involve the protection of human life, protection of buildings and design of special structural elements in facilities. Our company is investing in the Research and Development of a young talented engineer Zsolt Roman, with his visions where blast resistant designs can be adapted into the following:

  • Blast resistant design of regular protective reinforced concrete or steel walls
  • Innovative mobile protection wall system is currently under research
  • Design of protective shelters based required level of safety and governing circumstances
  • Calculation of loading parameters for blast resistant glazing
  • Modeling shock wave propagation in complex spatial geometries, determine dangerous zones, we validate evacuation distances in case of found buried mortars and war shells.

Our professionals use the latest technologies of high-quality computer programs including FVM, FEM and CFD for analysis to make it possible to develop the best design that will meet all requirement levels needed for the highest safety.

Concrete Formwork Design

We at KGM Engineering believe in innovation for a better, more environmentally friendly concrete formwork system than the conventional timber structures. We are in progress of developing an extremely versatile, re-usable environmentally friendly, cost effective, lightweight formwork system. The proposed product will be prefabricated in transportable sections to accommodate the most extreme needs. The used, no longer needed special forms will be re-used to create new forms in factory. No need to store endless variations/sections of “one time” used expensive units. Highlights of our goals:

  • Re-usability
  • Flexibility
  • Light Weight
  • Recyclability
  • Easy to use complete system