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KGM Engineering understands the need to limit overhead by providing broken down services that will facilitate and assist Project Management. KGM Engineering offers the convenience of hiring only what you need for the period needed, even down to specific or custom tasks.

If you have overextended your management team, this is usually only for a short-term duration. Our best option is to have a service available to provide you with a temporary helping hand that will not become a burdensome overhead. Project management services can be provided for only specific tasks. Such as scheduling, cost control tracking, production analysis, estimate vs. actual analysis reporting, budget forecast, extra work, deficiency and claim reporting or any other custom task that clients may feel they require.

  • Project Management/Project Coordination
  • Update and Maintain Schedule – MS Project
  • Cost Control, Production Analysis and Reporting
  • Contract Budget Forecast, Identification of Trouble Areas
  • Extra Work, Deficiency and Claim Documentation Tracking, Reporting and Completion
  • Claim Consultation – Draft Claim, Identification and Breakdown, Final Claim Report
  • SR & ED Claim Consultation, Preparation and Submittal
  • Training and all other services as required, reviewed and approved.