• Architectural Design
    •     Permit Package Submittal & Site Plan
  • Structural Design
    • Foundation Design
    • Custom Wine Cellar Design
    • Concrete Walls & Steps Design
    • Structural Steel Reinforcement Concrete Slab Design
    • Custom Roof Trusses Design
    • Custom Cathedral Ceiling Design
    • Custom Two Level Garage Design
    • Custom Double Retaining Wall Design
    • Custom Concrete Inground Pool And Patio Deck Design
    • Custom Concrete Heated Balconies and Sun Room Design
    • Custom Chimney Design
    • QVE Services


The house is nearly 8,000sf at each level of its three levels with 10’ ceiling height at all levels. Unique design includes wine cellar, playrooms, several offices and bathrooms, open concept kitchen, sunroom, balconies, two level garages for 5 vehicles and exterior pool with waterfall over retaining walls.

Both the architectural and structural designs account for arched concrete and cathedral ceilings, over 40 structural steel beams and nearly 1300m3 of concrete. The property is slightly sloped towards the back. Very poor soil conditions and the open concept without the columns – as requested by the owner – made the structural design fairly complicated.  Reinforced concrete walls, several slabs and structural steel beams were used to ensure structural integrity.

Architectural & Structural Designs included Permit Package Submittal & Site Plan, Foundation Design, Custom Wine Cellar Design, Concrete Walls & Steps Design, Structural Steel Reinforcement Concrete Slab Design, Custom Roof Trusses Design, Custom Cathedral Ceiling Design, Custom Two Level Garage Design, Custom Double Retaining Wall Design, Custom Concrete Inground Pool & Patio Deck Design, Custom Concrete Heated Balconies & Sun Room Design, Custom Chimney Design, QVE Services and several others.

The Construction took nearly 2 years to complete with numerous changes as requested by the owner.  The final product is an immaculate home which serves and satisfies its owner in every aspect.