Clients / MTO 2004-2013 QEW Henley Bridges
  • Design Arch Access & Formwork Support

5-Arch Formwork DesignThe purpose of this project was to address the need for widened structures (Henley Bridge) at the 12 Mile Creek crossing to accommodate the future widening of the QEW from 4 to 6 lanes (3 lanes eastbound and 3 lanes westbound). Widening of the Henley Bridge structures was completed in advance of the future widening of the QEW through the City of St. Catharines.

To preserve the significant heritage features of the structure, the bridge was widened with identical concrete arches (open spandrel). The existing heritage monuments at the four bridge corners were also be preserved and relocated as part of this project.

The Henley Bridge was widened to accommodate 4 lanes of traffic in each direction (3 through lanes and 1 auxiliary lane), however, the abutments and pier footings were constructed to accommodate the potential ultimate 10 lane cross section (5 lanes in each direction – 4 through lanes and 1 auxiliary lane).

For this project, a bridge structural analysis needed to be completed, including the design of an arch type structural steel truss girder for the formwork of the extension of the bridge. Based on this design and detailed shop drawings three trusses were fabricated and used for the construction of a new arch. Basic parameters are: span 45.7m, height at the center 11.2m from the water level. The original arch pour sequence lead to a number of load analysis for this arch formwork design to ensure structural stability at all stages. This arch formwork was also used to provide access to form and pour all the spandrel columns.