KGM Engineering Corporation is a Canadian Federal Registered Company and is approved by Certificate of Authorization to practice in the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The KGM Engineering Corporation presently has three structural engineers with Master’s Degrees in Civil Engineering; all Majoring in Structural Engineering. The president and Co – Owner of KGM Engineering, has a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and is licensed to practice as an engineer in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

KGM Engineering Corporation is a new Engineering and Management Company, providing professional services in Structural & Construction Engineering Services including Project Management in both the Transportation & Building Industry.

KGM Engineering is presently working in building and uniting a Group of International Companies that will be providing several other services outside the Transportation Industry. Services including, several other discipline specific in the Manufacturing, Industrial, Commercial Building and the Petroleum Industry.

We also offer specialized services in hydraulic lifting design, specific to bridge jacking design, existing building and bridge relocation design and all types of structural analysis required for submittal approval and back up documentation and design proposals.

KGM Engineering is involved in several Research & Development projects. Research specific to Hydraulic Lifting Design, Blast Resistance Wall Design and Concrete Formwork Design. We look forward to future success with being able to provide innovative solutions and a positive contribution to our Construction Industry. We also offer assistance with the preparation of SR & ED Tax Credit Claims.

In the Construction Industry of today, we understand that success is not only a major team effort but also very dependent on engineering deliverables, precision and quick availability. Fast to respond, timely design & certification deliverables is part of the baseline needed to ensure the overall success of any project.

KGM Engineering’s intent and main focus is to do just that, deliver designs and solution on time and be readily available to resolve any unforeseen and out of schedule concerns. We want our clients to know that we are just a phone call away and ready to assist and serve all that is required to insure a successful and profitable end to any type of Construction Project.

We make our business personal because it is…

Business is not just business, its personal and we believe that success is not only to concentrate on building our own, but taking the extra care to also help built the success of our clients.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission:

• To provide clients across Canada and Worldwide with the best Structural Engineering services specific to their needs, requirements, budgets and deadlines. To work safely, maintain the highest quality of workmanship, and continuously improve and develop our people to serve and adhere to our core values.

Our Core values:

• Trust, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence and Integrity.